Adams Angus Farm


Custom Pastured Raised Angus Beef

Adams Angus Farm has been raising high quality Angus Cattle since 1939. Our beef is 100% Angus raised in Southeast Alabama where we generally have plentiful rain and high quality grass. These cattle are born in the Fall and stay on their mother until Spring/Summer then weaned and kept on pasture where they begin to have some supplemental feed to help them grow and develop. We use no steroids, no hormones, and only use antibiotics if necessary. We will process them for beef when they are about 15 months of age weighing roughly 1200-1300 pounds. Our goal is to produce high quality beef that will make a GREAT eating experience for you and give you piece of mind of knowing where your food comes from.

Our processor is USDA inspected and as such we are allowed to sell you individual cuts of beef or sell you whole, half, or quarter sides of beef. Our pricing will change over time but currently we will sell whole, half, or quarter sides for $2.00 per pound live weight. That means $2.00 x (actual live weight). Example 1200 lb. steer x $2.00 = $2400. You can expect to put 30-35% of the live weight into your freezer so 1200 x 30%(35%) = 360(420) lbs. of beef for average cost of $5.71-$6.66/lb. Your choices of cuts and options may affect your actual percentage cutout and/or may add to costs. Please contact us for details.

If you prefer we will price out cuts individually below:

Steaks Roasts Ground Chuck Short Ribs Brisket
T-bone $13.00 Sirloin/Rump $8.00 1 or 2 lb. pack - $5.50/lb. Short Ribs $6.00 Brisket $8.00
Ribeye $13.00 Shoulder, Chuck $7.00 1/4 lb. patties - $7.00/lb.
Sirloin $9.00
Cube $8.00
Skirt $8.00
Filet $21.00
New York Strip $13.00

If you are interested please email us what you are specifically interested in and give us all your contact information. We will be in touch as soon as possible. Since this is a somewhat seasonal business we may not always have what you need on hand but we will make every effort to meet your needs as soon as possible.

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