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Welcome to Adams Angus Farm, Inc.’s website! Through this venue we hope to give you a glimpse of what we are about and the passion we have for ANGUS cattle. Today our family is a fourth generation Angus breeder and one of the oldest in the state. Our primary goal is to produce high performance, sound, quality, Angus bulls in an environment as similar as possible to that of our commercial customers. We strive to produce a select number of bulls to meet our local customer needs. All bulls will be sold through our production sale the first Saturday in January or at the farm after the sale. Most bulls are sold before they reach 18 months of age so plan ahead and select your bulls before you need them.

Our breeding style is to use A.I. sires with as much growth and power as possible with a reasonable birth weight and combine that with carcass quality that will bring top dollar for you the producer. We then cull our herd aggressively on production. If a cow doesn’t produce the pounds of beef at weaning that she should compared to her contemporary group and do it every year she can’t stay! Fertility and efficiency are a must with any cow herd and we know if you are looking for bulls to use in your herd you must have the same thing.

We feel like our no non-sense approach is appealing to our customer base and we hope you will think so to. Please don’t hesitate to come visit or give us a call.

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