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Custom Pastured Raised Angus Beef

Adams Angus Farm has been raising high quality Angus Cattle since 1939. Our beef is 100% Angus raised in Southeast Alabama where we generally have plentiful rain and high quality grass. These cattle are born in the Fall and stay on their mother until Spring/Summer then weaned and kept on pasture where they begin to have some supplemental feed to help them grow and develop. We use no steroids, no hormones, and only use antibiotics if necessary. We will process them for beef when they are about 15 months of age weighing roughly 1200-1300 pounds. Our goal is to produce high quality beef that will make a GREAT eating experience for you and give you piece of mind of knowing where your food comes from.

We currently sell 1/4’s, 1/2’s, and whole sides of beef, and depending on time of year we may also have retail cuts available. Even if we don’t have that steak you are looking for, we just about always have extra ground beef or roasts on hand that we can add to any order. Our current pricing for 1/4’s, 1/2’s, and wholes is $4.50/lb based on the hanging weight of the beef. So for example, a 1200 lb steer will typically have a hanging weight of 720 lbs. The cost of a 1/4 in this scenario would then be $810, with you taking home about 100-120 lbs of beef to your freezer, depending on how you fill out your cut sheet.

All the beef is vacuum packed and clearly labeled. If you purchase ahead of time you get to choose how you want your portion processed. You choose what types of steaks and how thick. You will select what Roasts and how many pounds per roast. You can also choose to get steak tips, fajita meat, stew meat, tenderized steak, brisket, oxtail and many other things. You might even want the bones for making soup! The ground beef can be packaged in one pound sizes and larger. The bottom line is you get to have your beef the way you like it!

We are excited to have a new online store enjoy an easy buying experience! Check it out to see our current inventory of quarters, halves, wholes, and all retail cuts.

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Once orders are placed in the store we will email you to notify you when your beef is ready to be picked up. If you don't see what you are looking for in the online store please reach out to us, and we will do our best to provide what you are looking for in the future. Inventory will also be in flux throughout the year so check back later or sign up for our email list through the store to stay up to date on availability of all items.

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